The Andre Carrillo to Everton story is being passed continually between the Portuguese and English media.

On Friday we covered claims from Portuguese newspaper O Jogo that Everton are still one of the clubs interested in the Benfica player. Those claims then ended up all around the English media again.

Saturday’s edition of another Portuguese newspaper, Record, claims Everton ‘insist’ on making the signing, but they say that’s come from England rather than crediting their rivals.

Marco Silva is once again named as the man behind the possible signing and Everton’s new manager took Carrillo to Watford last season on loan, somewhere he largely failed to impress, just like at Benfica.

This transfer story has been going on for some time now but there doesn’t look to be anything actually happening, and Everton’s links appear to be purely because of Silva.

It’s possible they are keen, for that reason, but these stories just seem to continue because someone once started them.