When checking the South American media, we often find breaking transfer news long before they’re seen in Europe. But there are some misleading stories we must stop from spreading as well.

Back on Tuesday, Ecuadorian website El Futbolero wrote a story about the ‘good news’ that Wolverhampton Wanderers striker Leonardo Campana could receive from Manchester United.

Since Raúl Jimenez has been linked to the Red Devils, it’s said that the 19-year-old could finally have a chance at Wolves in case his teammate moves to Old Trafford.

There was not a lot to twist from that story, but Lance, one of the biggest sports outlets in Brazil, still managed to make a mess out of it.

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After completing mistranslating the article, Lance writes that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer loves working with young players, and would like to have Campana at Manchester United.

They claim that since the youngster isn’t having chances at Wolves, he could move to the Red Devils and spend one year there.

That was a total lack of attention from whoever wrote the story for Lance, and we better show how inaccurate this is before this story is spread through social media.