ESPN Brasil have this week interviewed Chelsea midfielder Jorginho.

The Brazilian had a chat with reporter João Castelo Branco about Chelsea’s start to the season, and following the end of the transfer ban, the impact of the new signings in the squad.

“They made a big market. The players who arrived have great potential and can certainly help this club a lot,” Jorginho told ESPN Brasil.

“They’re already doing and will do much more. When there’s this high competition among the players, it turns out that the level of the team goes up, and when the level of the team goes up, the team ends up becoming better and even more competitive to reach the top. So I believe that the arrival of these great players only brings good things and will certainly help the group and the club.”

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Regarding the balance between letting the new signings adapt and the pressure of winning a title soon, Jorginho claims they must have patience until the team gets to a new level.

“It’s normal that you need time. How long did Liverpool work to win something? So I believe that every change, every beginning of a project, we need to believe in the project for it to bear fruit and bring results. So it’s normal that you need this working time.”

He agrees that Frank Lampard should be under more pressure after making so many big signings, and claims it’s no big deal, as he has the team’s support.

“I believe it’s a natural thing too. But he’s doing an excellent job and we’re certainly doing our best to bring results for everyone’s happiness.”

Signed from Napoli in a €58m deal in 2018, Jorginho already has 104 appearances for Chelsea so far. But he seemed close to leaving the Blues this summer, as he was linked to several Italian sides, as well as Arsenal.

He was asked by reporter João Castello Branco about the Gunners, and suggested that there had been talks for the transfer.

“I believe that every player is open to negotiations. So I believe there was something they talked about. And in the end it was decided, chosen that I stay here. And now my head is here and we’re going to do a great job with Chelsea, which I always wanted to do.”