The coverage of Bruno Fernandes’ transfer to Manchester United continues to be all over the Portuguese media, and a proof of it is that TV station SIC Notícias have a man stood outside Old Trafford giving them updates.

Reporter Emanuel Nunes came up with an update at 12:33pm saying the player should leave Lisbon in the first part of the afternoon, landing in Manchester around 4pm or 5pm.

He claims Bruno Fernandes shouldn’t be presented today, as both the medical and the presentation are expected to be done on Thursday.

However, it’s claimed the midfielder ‘should’ watch the derby between Manchester United and Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium tonight.

Emanuel Nunes claims Manchester United are paying €60m for the transfer, despite all Portuguese outlets saying it’s €55m.

He says Bruno will sign a contract until 2025.

SIC Notícias’ breaking-news bar said the player would be announced in the ‘next few hours’, but the reporter didn’t say anything about that, only mentioning his presentation tomorrow.