Two months after selling Richarlison to Everton, Watford have repotedly finally paid the player’s former club Fluminense the money due.

There was a debt because when signing the player from the Brazilian side in 2017, the Hornets had agreed that 10% of a profit would go to the club.

So by buying Richarlison for €12.4m and selling for €39.2m, Watford owe Fluminense over €2.5m. And that’s a considerable amount for a Brazilian cub.

And according to Netflu, a first instalment has just been paid. Fluminense have used the money to cover unpaid wages at the club. The other two parts should be paid by the Hornets in the next few months.

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It doesn’t sound like Watford took too much time to pay Fluminense, but the hurry in Brazil is because the club really needed the money to pay players and employees.

Although Netflu has the exclusive, they tried to officially confirm it with Fluminense, who had a statement saying they won’t comment on the matter.

“This is classified information that breaches contractual clause with Watford. This may even entail a lawsuit against Fluminense. If this occurs, the club will seek redress for damages.”

Another proof that things between Watford and Fluminense should be fine is that the Hornets are reportedly very close to signing Brazilian youngster João Pedro.