With the likes of Ederson, Fernandinho and Gabriel Jesus all being important pieces of Manchester City’s current squad, there’s no doubt Brazilians have been adapting well to the club lately.

The fact that the striker was a cheaper signing than the two others makes it clear that buying directly from the South American country may be a good business plan.

Now since the City Group has clubs all over the world, will they ever buy a Brazilian club? That’s a question raised by journalist Jorge Nicola today, and according to his sources, this isn’t happening anytime soon.

He writes that the purchase of Uruguayan side Montevideo City Torque has ‘solved part of the needs’ the group had in South America.

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Another reason not to buy a Brazilian side would be the amount of debt that most of them have. Nicola takes Botafogo, who owe nearly R$1b (£149m), as an example.

Having a partner club in Montevideo will certainly help Manchester City keep an eye on the South American market. But it still sounds very unlikely that they’ll attract players from Brazil or Argentina to the Uruguayan league.