There are some interesting, and not very convincing, reports from Brazil today revealing Pep Guardiola’s interest in the Santos fullback Zeca.

It all started with Fox Sports, where the not very reliable Fabio Sormani broke the news about the player.

He said that Girona would be in the race with Flamengo for the signing, and the move to the European side would happen with Pep Guardiola’s blessing.

The Manchester City manager reportedly sees Zeca’s presence at Girona ‘with very good eyes’, especially because the fullback can play on both sides of the pitch and builds up plays in midfield.

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Zeca’s situation is a bit confusing for now, since he has recently sued Santos for payments that weren’t made. As the case is being judged, it’s still not known if he will be able to leave for free or if the club will be allowed to demand some money for the transfer.

As we’ve said, Sormani isn’t exactly the most reliable man in Brazil, but the interesting thing is the Girona rumour seems to be growing, because Esporte Interativo reported the same thing today.

The big difference is that Pep Guardiola was never mentioned, so the player would simply be a signing for the Spanish club, and not for Manchester City.

As the rumours are obviously coming out of Zeca’s entourage, who first advised him to sue his own club and now look for a way out, we better be careful before believing any of these stories.