Did you know that Manchester United had a bid rejected for Kalidou Koulibaly worth (at least) €100m last summer?

You didn’t? Where have you been? Because that’s all the Italian newspapers seem to talk about these days, and remind their readers about Aurelio De Laurentiis’ heroic stance whenever they can.

That was just with Manchester United involved, so imagine what it’s like now that Liverpool have apparently joined the fray.

For De Laurentiis, the inclusion of the Premier League leaders is seen as a great opportunity to get an auction going, as the Red Devils are ‘ready’ to come back and put themselves forward again, while the Anfield club are ‘seriously thinking’ about moving for the Senegal international.

This all comes from Gazzetta dello Sport, who explain there’s little chance of the Napoli owner getting €100m for his player again, but ‘cashing in €70-80m isn’t impossible’.

They see him as gone, as when giving us the probability of where he will end up next, the centre-back has a 50% chance of moving to Old Trafford, while it’s on 25% for Liverpool.

The other 25%? Paris Saint-Germain.

Where these percentages come from isn’t said, but Gazzetta like to throw them in from time to time, you know, because everyone likes graphics.

We wouldn’t read too much into them, but they’re fun and they spark a lively debate.