This morning, we covered a report from Radio Grenal saying Arsenal were sending people to Brazil so Grêmio’s Everton could have a medical with the club.

Then a few hours later, we’ve seen an article from Fox Sports having a headline with the very same information.

It seemed like their reporters managed to confirm the claims, but it turns out that they’ve ended up in a mess which makes us question their credibility.

Fox Sports’ story is actually a video where journalist Leandro Quesada brings some information about the situation. And what he says is that Arsenal should send an official to Brazil to present an offer to Grêmio this week.

Embed from Getty Images

We wonder if the person who wrote the headline had just read Radio Grenal’s story, or if Fox Sports were going to report the medical, and ended up making claims about a bid.

Either way, this is not something we’re buying for now.