With the summer transfer window getting closer, it’s time for the rumours about Ivan Perisic to be back in the headlines.

Tottenham have been linked several times in the past few days, and Calcio Mercato brings a story saying the player is set to leave Inter Milan at the end of the season, but there are no offers for him so far.

The Serie A club apparently expect bids from the Premier League, since they’ve changed their intermediaries in England and ‘keep their phones on’ as they wait for a call.

Among the clubs who could go for Perisic, there’s not much confidence about Manchester United, since the interest was more intense with José Mourinho in charge. It sounds more like Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are stronger competitors, but neither of those have gone past asking for information.

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Tottenham are expected to return to the market this summer, after sitting the past two windows out, and it sounds like Inter would like to hear from them.

The Italian side are said to be planning to make over €35m with the sale, a transfer which has been promised to Perisic since they blocked him from leaving in January.