To the relief of almost everyone at Arsenal, including Mesut Özil himself, the German midfielder appears to have found himself a landing spot.

Pushed to one side by Mikel Arteta, the playmaker was left out of all squads for professional competitions at the Emirates, leaving him with little to do other than train and watch his teammates struggle on the pitch.

Things have since turned around over the past three games on the pitch, and it seems that is also the case for Özil, who is on his way to Fenerbahçe.

Those following the transfer rumours won’t see this as a surprise since a move to Turkey has been touted for quite some time, but it appears to be concrete this transfer window.

In fact, the player’s representative, Dr. Erkut Söğüt, has explained the situation to the Demirören News Agency (DHA).

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He said: “As a matter of my profession, I attach great importance to the legal side of this business. Mesut has an ongoing contract with Arsenal. As of January, there was no legal situation, so we started negotiations with clubs showing interest in Mesut as his representatives.

“It should not be forgotten that conditions should be discussed with Arsenal. We have to do our job properly. We will complete the process as soon as possible by talking to his brother and his family about Mesut’s future”.

As you can see, this appears to be more than just hearsay this time around, and Özil could end up being spotted on a football pitch sooner rather than later.