We’ve lost count of the many stories the Brazilian press has had in the past few weeks about the future of Tottenham Hotspur star Lucas Moura.

With the player spending his holidays in his home country and giving several interviews, he was repeatedly asked if he fancies a return to São Paulo, and made it clear that he’d like to play for the club again.

Lucas always said he’s set to stay at Tottenham for one or two more seasons, but his quotes were still enough for the Tricolor fans to get very excited about the possibility.

His agent has now dismissed any chances of a summer move. Quoted by Globo Esporte, Junior Pedroso made it clear that the forward is set to stay in London for at least one more year.

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“Tottenham don’t give up Lucas for the season, they see him as a fundamental piece for the Champions League,” said the agent.

Globo Esporte points out Lucas recently had approaches from MLS clubs, besides the clear possibility of returning to São Paulo. His contract with Tottenham expires in 2023, with a club option to extend it until 2024.