As ESPN Brasil today shares an interview with Nottingham Forest’s Murillo, the defender revealed a funny story about manager Nuno Espírito Santo.

The player made it clear he’s a fan of the manager, highlighting that he had big Premier League experience before taking charge of the Tricky Trees.

It turns out that when speaking about their relationship, Murillo ended up revealing that he may be the coach’s favourite, at least in the eyes of those working around them.

“Since he arrived, I’ve had a huge connection with him, from coach to player, he helps me a lot. The assistant even jokes with me, saying I’m his son. I say ‘no, stop it, come on’. So the guy helps me a lot,” Murillo told ESPN Brasil.

Murillo also talked about recent rumours claiming he could soon be at the national team. He acknowledges that he’s been doing well in his first season at Nottingham Forest, but isn’t feeling any pressure about being called up right now.

“I see a lot of speculation, ‘Murillo in the national team’. But I’m a guy who has a very clear head about everything. So, if it happens, if it’s God’s time, if God says ‘now’s your time, you’re going’, I know I’m going, because he has the last word.

“Of course we have hope, we create hope because of the matches we’ve been playing, because of the good times we’re having. But if it’s not this time, it will be next time. We’re going to keep working and keep our heads calm. So put it in God’s hands because I know his timing is perfect.”

This week, we covered news claiming Brazil’s new manager Dorival Junior has been watching a few defenders in Europe, and the 21-year-old is one of them.

The coach is doing his first call up for the friendlies against England and Spain. These are important games because the Copa America is just around the corner, and guaranteeing a place now would be the best possible scenario for the Nottingham Forest player.