Over the past few days, we have seen an increase in the number of articles surrounding the future of Lucas Torreira, and for good reason.

The Arsenal midfielder was loaned to Fiorentina for the season, who have a €15m clause in the deal to make the move permanent.

Everyone thought that would be triggered and the deal would go through without a hitch, since Torreira had a great season in Italy and made it clear he wanted to stay, but that hasn’t been the case.

Some contractual hurdles appear to have slowed everything down, and there is now a chance the whole deal with Arsenal could be off.

It’s explained by Gazzetta dello Sport that ‘the last few hours have not resolved the issue even if the contacts between the parties have continued in recent days and there seems to be less coldness’.

The agreement ‘is not impossible’, but they are very clear that time is running out, because ‘the right of redemption set at €15m with Arsenal expires on May 31st’.

That being said, Fiorentina are bracing themselves for the worst case scenario, as they are ‘already looking forward to possible replacements and a dozen names have already come out’.

It seems their priority remains Arsenal’s Torreira, but if they can’t have him, they’ll move on.