Every now and again, Andrea Dossena pops up in the Italian media, and he’s usually asked about Liverpool.

The defender, who last played for Piacenza in 2017, moved to Anfield in 2008, before departing for Napoli in 2010. He’s still fond of the Merseyside club, and it inevitably gets him lots of media appearances given how well Jurgen Klopp’s side are doing right now.

Napoli are usually at the centre of some kind of drama, so he gets to speak about them a lot too.

In an interview with TMW, Dossena was asked about the Naples club, and their crisis season, before talk turned to Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United.

Asked about the club’s march to the Premier League title, Dossena said: “They have been waiting for the title for a long time and they are going to get it. All the players deserve to win it: Klopp is a great coach and the team is very strong. They could even make the Premier-Champions League double.”

TMW then asked who has been doing better, Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola, and he sat on the fence a little, not wanting to be dragged into the judging the managers: “Taken individually, Liverpool players are better. City have several injuries, they work a lot as a team, while Liverpool is not like that. Everyone is very strong here. Klopp gave the extra gear, great intensity. He was the perfect marriage.”

Then asked about Liverpool’s traditional foes Manchester United, and why the Red Devils have been failing in recent season, he wasn’t so shy: “Before, they had overestimated certain players they had signed, then they always wanted to carry on with players and technicians with the idea of ​​Ferguson. They remained too much in the English model, they did little Europeanisation.”