There’s been reports this week that QSI, the owners of PSG, are interested in taking over AS Roma.

On Wednesday evening, Le Parisien claims it’s actually England where they could be looking to invest.

The French newspaper explains that Qatar already has a strong presence in England, including owning Harrods, and it’s thought buying a Championship club would be attractive.

Le Parisien name Queens Park Rangers, Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa as examples. They don’t come out and say there’s concrete interest in buying any of these clubs, but the suggestion appears to be that these sides would be ripe for investment.

Nottingham Forest are of course known worldwide for their past success in Europe, and Aston Villa also have a European Cup to their name. QPR don’t have quite the same illustrious history, but they are in London and there’s a chance that could be a factor in the club’s plausibility.

With these clubs, rather than an option like Roma, PSG wouldn’t have to worry so much about convincing UEFA the rules about not having influence in more than one club weren’t broken.