Tottenham Hotspur winger Erik Lamela continues being much linked to Inter Milan, even though the interest from the Serie A side seems to be in the very early stages.

On Thursday, FC Inter News said Tottenham had made an offer for AS Milan’s Suso, and the player’s arrival would make it easier for the nerazzurri to sign the Argentine, a long term target for several Italian clubs.

Now Tuttosport, in their Friday edition, confirm the club’s will to sign Lamela today.

They say there’s only one problem, which is his injury which stopped him from playing for Tottenham at the end of last season.

A good point is that the 25-year-old wishes to play more in order to get a place in the national team, and Tuttosport believe Inter could offer this… but he’s got to be fit first.

Just like FC Inter News, Tuttosport doesn’t seem to know how much Tottenham would demand for the player. Lamela’s name seems to be just an idea at the Italian club for now, as part of a list of signings they’re still planning for the summer.