Tottenham Hotspur are ready to do some transfer business in Italy, according to FC Inter News today. The Inter focused outlet claims an exclusive that Tottenham have just made a €20m bid for AC Milan’s Suso, with that offer being made today.

And why would Inter Milan fans be interested in that? Because Suso’s arrival makes Erik Lamela free to go. The 25-year-old is said to be available to return to Italy, and the Nerazzurri have been keen on signing him for a long time now.

Inter have been in talks with Pablo Sabbag, who represents Erik Lamela and Angel Di Maria, and are now aware that signing the Tottenham winger is a real possibility once the London side have a replacement.

The website doesn’t give any information on how much Tottenham would be demanding for the Argentine, although it shouldn’t be a problem for Inter once he is considered transferable by the club.

Whilst a Lamela exit is conceivable, and a return to Italy would make some sense, Tottenham replacing him with Suso perhaps doesn’t fit so easily.