Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has given an exclusive interview to ESPN Brasil after the 2-2 draw against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend.

Speaking in Spanish, the boss has claimed they’re not really disappointed with the result, since Spurs are one of the most difficult teams to beat.

“Yes, we would have liked to have scored more goals, but we did very well. I am very happy, in front of a rival like this, Tottenham, it’s very difficult to do the best, and we did”, Pep Guardiola told Natali Gedra from ESPN Brasil.

“We played very good football, it was a great show, and that’s enough. If we won, well, we wish we had won, because it would have made us stronger, but in the end we couldn’t.”

Pep Guardiola also had some interesting quotes on his two South American centre-forwards, Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus.

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First speaking of the Argentine international, Guardiola was obviously asked about the argument they had on the pitch. He’s claimed it’s all fine between them, and said Aguero is still not in the perfect fitness condition.

“No, he thought I was unhappy about the goals and none of that is true. That’s what we said, that he had teamed up with Kevin, and that in this play he didn’t, I told him. That’s all. But Sergio is a fantastic guy. He has few training sessions in his legs, and little by little he is conquering minutes, scoring his goal, creating danger.”

Regarding Gabriel Jesus, Guardiola claims that the national team has affected the way he gets to the club every season. The manager says the striker’s arrival after the Copa America title has been different than when he lost the World Cup with Brazil.

“He came back very well. He came back very positive. He’s back with the energy he has. Last year, after the World Cup, he came a little sadder. Now he came back much happier. And if you notice, he’s playing very well. Every minute he plays, he stands out.”