Over the past week or so, rumours have really kicked off for the next summer transfer window.

No time is being wasted this year and there’s plenty of opportunity now to claim everything, so whatever happens, an awful lot of people can say they were right… without pointing to the far higher pile of things which didn’t happen.

The rumours have been mainly coming from Spain, and now it’s France’s turn, specifically Paris.

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Tuesday’s edition of Le Parisien brings Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante central into PSG’s agenda for the next summer window. PSG are said to be looking for a midfielder in the Kante mould, and the Chelsea player would obviously be the ideal solution.

Le Parisien believe it’d be an expensive deal for PSG, with Kante now worth double or triple what Chelsea paid for him, put at €36m by the French newspaper.

It’s also stated there’d be worries over FFP with such a big deal, but that didn’t appear to cause PSG too much heartache in the last window.

Of course, Chelsea can easily say no.