The Spanish press won’t let up on Thomas Vermaelen.

After the Barcelona defender gave an interview in Belgium claiming moves to clubs including Everton had been blocked in the last window, there’s been an eagerness to nonsense it.

After insisting for several days that Barcelona would have considered a sale in the summer, to Everton or anyone else, and will do so again in the winter window, the Catalan media are now looking at options.

And the first one isn’t as glamorous as Everton.

In their Tuesday edition, Sport say Vermaelen returning to Belgian football is becoming increasingly possible. Anderlecht are said to need a defender, and Vermaelen is presented as the ‘ideal candidate’.

Everton could beat any financial offer from Anderlecht, but may not be able to offer the same playing guarantees ahead of the World Cup. Vermaelen hasn’t picked up a minute yet for Barcelona this season, and whilst he’ll hope that changes quickly, it’s not a great situation for his Belgium place.

Overall, the insistence remains that Vermaelen’s comments were nonsense, and a transfer is very much on the cards.

Quite how long the Spanish press will carry this on for is unknown, but sooner or later someone is going to ask Vermaelen about his comments on Barcelona blocking an Everton move, and then it could all start again.