Brazilian Youtube channel Pilhado this week features an interview with Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson.

Their conversations normally focus on side stories, and this time, the video highlights the player’s boxing skills, which seem to be quite famous at the Premier League club.

The chat started with Ederson being quizzed on whether really likes throwing punches around, and the goalkeeper talked a little about his love for boxing.

“I like boxing a lot. I fight sometimes, I play. Sometimes at the club, when I went to the gym, it was more to train boxing. I didn’t like using any apparatus. Just boxing,” Ederson told Pilhado.

“Man, I always liked it. I always watch videos on Youtube. There was a time when I even considered hiring a teacher to do some special training. But it’s very busy here, there are a lot of games and there won’t be much time left. Then, whenever I could, I trained a little at the club. Sometimes it’s good, when you’re stressed, to take the stress out. Playing a little is good for the mind. Relax. Take some of the anger, the weight off the mind.”

Then the interviewer mentioned that when speaking to Gabriel Jesus, the striker said people at the club are afraid of Ederson.

“Ah, it’s respect, it’s not fear (laughs). People are sometimes afraid to play with me that sometimes I don’t know how to control strength very well and I end up exaggerating a little.

“The guys have already complained that I punch too hard. The right cross has power.

“Sometimes I play, I say ‘punch me three times I’ll punch you once’. But people are now aware and don’t play anymore.”

Still on Gabriel Jesus, Ederson claims his teammate likes provoking him, but will never join him in a fight.

“Gabriel is like coke, he just shakes. Shakes and gets out. He always says that. I go up to him, he says ‘no, there is an important game’. He likes to shake. The day I get a stressed day, he will see.”

The interviewer said he’d like to see Ederson get Yaya Touré in a fight, and the goalkeeper said: “I once played with him in the locker room. I gave him a rear naked choke.

“We were playing in the locker room and I used to make fun of him, I played with him a lot. I had that freedom because I liked him and he liked me too. We played a lot. Then, once in the locker room, we ended up catching each other and I put a rear naked choke on him. He was like ‘Ed, Ed, stop, stop’. I think he’s old too. Age weighs a little too.”

Pilhado promises to soon release a second part of the interview, as Ederson even accepted a challenge to fight the interviewer ‘with one hand’, as he can’t get injured for the upcoming Manchester City games.