Reports from the English media at the weekend claimed that Fernandinho has told friends he’ll be leaving Manchester City at the end of the season.

That’s something that had been reported last year as well, but with the midfielder turning 36-years-of-age in May, it’s pretty clear that his time at the Etihad is running out.

Now in an interview with the Brazilian media, Fernandinho has more or less confirmed that he’s leaving the club next year.

He was talking about the Porto game, and was questioned if the Champions League title is something he dreams of as the ‘icing on the cake’ for his career at Manchester City.

There was never a mention of his departure from the Premier League side, and still, Fernandinho claimed that’s the way he’d like to ‘finish’ his time at the club.

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“I think it’s important for human beings to have dreams. I think we live every day … every sunrise, we get out of bed with our goals in mind,” Fernandinho told Esporte Interativo.

“I think it’s important. Without a doubt, winning this competition would be very good. In order to finish my journey, my career at this club with a victory as important as this competition, it’s desired by all of us. But we’re still very far away. The group stage is ending now, then the knockout starts. But I think it’s important for us to live one day at a time.”

Fernandinho’s contract with Manchester City expires at the end of the season. He joined the club in a move from Shakhtar Donetsk back in 2013, and has 323 appearances for them so far.