No matter how many times the idea of Gareth Bale ending up at Manchester United gets dismissed by either the press or his own agent, the Welsh winger will see his name published alongside the Red Devils’ as long as he remains in Madrid.

Still viewed as a valuable asset by the La Liga side, mostly because of his wages and the price they originally paid for him, the former Tottenham star keeps being brought up in articles discussing the possibility of Paul Pogba ending up in La Liga.

El Confidencial have a long look at the situation, placing Bale at the centre of it all, explaining that Florentino Perez and Real Madrid feel that Manchester United would be the ‘best destination’ for the forward.

Their reasoning is that if he’d be willing to sacrifice Champions League, he could keep his prominent role in a club while earning similar wages.

That would be all well and good if Manchester United were still keen on signing Gareth Bale, but they aren’t really, and that’s making life extremely difficult for Pérez, as Zinedine Zidane is ‘forcing the most’ to sign him.

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The manager sees his compatriot as a ‘key to structuring the team with a more physical and direct style of play’ and would much prefer him over the alternative, Christian Eriksen.

The Red Devils don’t want to sell the French midfielder, but with the knowledge he doesn’t want to stick around, €170m should do the trick.

Ole Gunnar Soslkjaer and Pogba are yet to have a chat about both his old and Mino Raiola’s new comments regarding moving on, but that is expected to happen in the coming days after the player joined Manchester United’s preseason tour on Sunday.

He apparently did so ‘against his will’, but he did it nonetheless.

It’s all a lot more of the same, but there’s a few tidbits here and there that keep it fresh and up to date.

Either way, it seems unlikely that Bale will end up at Manchester United, considering the direction Solskjaer wants to go in, his price, his wages (they already made that mistake with Alexis Sanchez) and his age.

So, somehow, Madrid will need to find €170m.