On Thursday, we translated the interview which Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus gave to Brazilian outlet Esporte Interativo.

Our story showed that the player is determined to fight for a place in the team, despite being upset at being benched. He made it pretty clear he understands his role and even said he has no reason to leave the current Premier League champions.

A proof of that is Pep Guardiola being asked about the quotes in a press conference on Friday, and he’s shown the big respect he has for Gabriel Jesus’ mentality.

But there’s always one, and although our translation from Portuguese to English was perfect, we can’t say the same about the job done from English to Italian.

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Website brings today some pretty weird quotes from the Manchester City player, as if he was totally unhappy to be benched at the club. They take specific bits and twist some of them.

The quotes are obviously turned into a transfer story, with the outlet warning Juventus and Inter Milan about a potential chance to sign him.

That’s how bad rumours start, and sometimes it’s really annoying to see it.