We’ve really lost count of how many interviews from Joelinton we’ve covered in the past few months. The Newcastle United striker has been very nice to the Brazilian press, speaking to several outlets lately.

Now although the chats have mostly been about the joy of joining the Magpies and featuring in the Premier League, things turned quite emotional this week, when he’s spoken to DAZN.

It was just one more interview where he chatted about his path to English football and Newcastle United, but Joelinton started talking about the struggles he had with his family in the past and ended up crying in the interview.

“I always dreamed of being a player … I am thrilled to remember everything I went through,” Joelinton told DAZN reporter Renato Senise.

“I was never rich, but my father never let us lack food at home. I come from the countryside, I always had a lot of difficulties. But I always believed in my dreams, never gave up. My dream has always been this, to be a player. I always told my colleagues that one day they would see me on television. To be able to get here and be the club’s most expensive signing, in the best league in the world… so it plays a movie in your head. It’s amazing. Only football can give these things. I feel very happy, a blessed guy for all that God does in my life. So it is a great happiness.”

Asked about what are the difficulties they’ve been through, the player said: “My father never let us lack food at home, I always had food, but sometimes you want to buy something and not be able to buy it at that time. And wanting to have some things and your father can’t buy.

“Your dad works away and gets home over the weekend. So having a son and being able to give everything to him is wonderful. But the most important is what my father never let us miss, which was food, and he always gave me education. And I thank my parents very much for being the person I am today, the man I became. Because my mother always gave me education and that was very important to me.”

Joelinton was signed by Newcastle United in a €44m deal from German side Hoffenheim this summer. He’s made six appearances for the club so far, scoring one goal so far.