We all remember Gabriel Jesus’ incredible start at Manchester City. Signed from Palmeiras in January 2017, the Brazilian striker didn’t need any time to impress for Pep Guardiola’s side, showing some big potential in his first months at the club.

Things didn’t continue like that, and although he’s still an important player for the squad, it’s clear the 22-year-old isn’t on a level to be a regular starter in a team with so many stars.

This isn’t something shocking for the British media or Manchester City fans, but it’s still a constant topic for the Brazilian press, who are always wondering if Gabriel Jesus could leave the club to get more minutes elsewhere.

The striker has been interviewed by Esporte Interativo this week, and when asked about this, he literally spent over two minutes saying he understands his role and doesn’t have any plans to leave the current Premier League champions.

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“When you finish the season like I did, coming from games that were important and I ended up not playing… obviously that ends up hurting a little. Because I have the spirit to play every game, have that desire, so you end up being disappointed that you didn’t play.

“It’s normal, but I’ve never had a tantrum or a pout. I always trained the same way, strong, respecting the staff, the coach and my teammates always. So obviously I was quite upset, but I understood.”

“So it ends up annoying you, but understanding also that sometimes it can’t happen, keeping the head in place. And also, the times I played it went well. I finished the season playing the final, scoring two goals. I went to Brazil playing at the Copa America. We did very well, we won it. And you end up keeping in mind that this year will be different, that more opportunities will appear.

“So man, like I said, I want to play, I want to help without going over anyone. I also understand the manager’s head and I respect. I make it very clear that I always want to be playing. In that case, if it happens, let each one be happy in the best way, I value happiness very much. I’m very happy at City. So there’s no reason to leave City.”