The Brazilian media is really buying the rumour which says that Grêmio’s Everton will be heading to either Manchester City or Manchester United soon.

Mixed claims have been mentioning both clubs, although the Southern press have been saying that City are closer on getting him, as Pep Guardiola has even called the player recently.

Now Everton has given a press conference this Tuesday, and most of the questions were about his possible departure from the club. One of them was obviously about the phonecall.

“It’s a dream, right? Every player dreams of playing at high level, playing in Europe, reaching the national team. And with me it’s no different. I think that when you are in a good sequence like this, at a stage like I am living, you are observed, monitored by several clubs,” said Everton. “My phone hasn’t rung yet, but who knows if he’ll call.”

Then someone made a joke asking if he wants Guardiola’s number: “I do, if you have it, I want it (laughs).”

As we’ve just said, journalists are pretty confident that Everton is off soon. That’s why one of the questions was about who can replace him in Grêmio’s team. And another one was about his preference to make such move in January or in the middle of the year.

The Brazilian season goes from January to December, and that’s why the player is concerned about not moving in the best physical condition in the European winter window.

“I think that in the middle of the year you end up getting a half season in Brazil, the beginning of the season in Europe. You end arriving well physically and you end up getting to know teammates more closely.

“We know that coming and adapting to European football in their mid-season window is very complicated. That we arrive a little worn from our season already. But I think if we get the chance we have to grab and do everything.”