Eric Olhats, described as a sporting advisor to Antoine Griezmann, has been speaking to France’s RMC and he’s given encouragement to summer transfer rumours. Griezmann has most heavily been linked with Manchester United, with Chelsea claims popping up over the past week or so.

Olhats has added more clubs to the list. When asked about the player’s price and whether there have been offers, he said: “Nothing concrete, but Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real have inquired.”

Adding Manchester City and the two Spanish giants to the mix will certainly help push the transfer hype along. Olhats added that it’s ‘impossible’ for Griezmann to join Real Madrid, because of a ‘non-aggression’ pact between Atletico and Los Blancos.

That would give some more hope to Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, but this week the Spanish media have reported the pact could be broken for Theo Hernandez. If it can be broken for the young French defender, it can certainly be broken for Griezmann.

Pep Guardiola interest in Griezmann will bring around a great chance for the Spanish, and English, media to launch a war with Jose Mourinho for the player. Antonio Conte interest wouldn’t be a big shock, and Griezmann could be just the player to convince Roman Abramovich to go down the galactico route.

Eric Olhats worked as a scout for Real Sociedad and helped ‘discover’ Antoine Griezmann, with the two remaining close.