Earlier today, we covered reports from The Netherlands saying West Ham United have reached a verbal agreement with Ajax for the transfer of Nicolas Tagliafico.

It was claimed the clubs agreed a deal for a €12m move, and the Hammers would now need to sort out personal terms with the player himself.

It’s been pointed out that Tagliafico is currently in South America for the international break, and while negotiating with West Ham, his agent in Amsterdam thought the first offer was ‘inadequate’. That’s why he was waiting for a second bid.

Now according to more Dutch reports, there are indeed issues for the personal agreement.

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Journalist Mike Verweij, from De Telegraaf, writes that despite the ‘verbal agreement’, the transfer is still ‘far’ from a conclusion.

He claims that the negotiations are described as very complicated, as the ‘tension rises’, adding that the player is in Venezuela and the agent in Amsterdam.

It’s not specifically pointed out what the issues are. If the case was the personal offer, as first reported, that’d sound like a matter of West Ham putting a little more money on the table. Now in case that has something to do with the player being far from Europe and in a red list country, then that’d surely be more complicated.