Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 13.35.34Saturday saw a transfer claim come from nowhere but end up looking like a near certainty, all in the space of a couple of hours. Eric Bailly, or just Bailly as much of the Spanish press refer to the player, is reportedly all set join Manchester United in a deal which could cost as much as €40m.

There were Spanish reports claiming the deal was agreed, and then several hours later England’s Sky Sports News got in on the act, saying according to their sources there were talks taking place. That a bit late, given in Spain it had been reported as a sure thing since early evening.

The story has of course featured in Sunday’s Spanish sport newspapers, and Marca say Bailly will sign a contract with Manchester United once his medical has been passed. Marca say he’ll sign ‘in the coming hours’, which should be treated in much the same was as mañana.


Marca are so confident the deal is set to be completed that they go on to ponder who could replace Bailly at Villarreal. This is the pattern across the Spanish media, with there being a certainty that an announcement is on the way, and Bailly will be Jose Mourinho’s first Manchester United signing.