N'koudou L'Equipe August 16thFrench newspaper L’Equipe have an update on Georges-Kevin Nkoudou to Tottenham. They go over the situation and seem to side with Le Phocheen claims of around a week ago.

L’Equipe say Daniel Levy tried to renegotiate the terms of the transfer after Vincent Labrune left Marseille.

The injury clause as previously mentioned is once again reported, but L’Equipe are specific and relate it to a hamstring.

Basically, if Nkoudou was to injure his hamstring after signing for Tottenham, Levy wanted the club to be able to pay less.

Surprisingly, considering what must now be a very fraught set of relationships, a transfer remains a possibility and talks continue. Whether a move is a loan with purchase option (automatic or not), a straight transfer or nothing and a complete collapse, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, L’Equipe say Nkoudou is ‘eating his porridge’ in London this morning, still awaiting his Tottenham transfer.