It was a surprise on Wednesday when news emerged Jack Rdowell was training with Vitesse with a view to a transfer to the Dutch club.

Vitesse are best known in England for taking players from Chelsea on loan, and it was an unusual destination for Rodwell to end up at.

The Dutch club seemed quite exicted about the potential move and published the news via all their official channels, there was to be nothing secret.

Voetbal International say that all Rodwell had to do was prove his fitness and then Vitesse would sign the player from Sunderland, with no information on what kind of deal it would be.

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Well something has gone very wrong very quickly.

On Thursday morning Vitesse have officially announced the trial won’t be happening. The explanation given is very vague ‘organisational reasons’.

There’s no further explanation of an attempt to sort these out and it looks like the plan is now very much dead in the water.