Timing is crucial when it comes to transfers, and for PSV Eindhoven’s Noni Madueke, turning down Leeds United this summer may come back to haunt him.

That’s at least what Soccer News are speculating on today, stating that the forward ‘forfeited’ a top transfer after electing to stay in the Netherlands this summer.

They say that after starting ‘like a comet’ this season, the Englishman has somewhat ‘died down’, with injuries playing their part.

That’s seen his chances of a ‘top transfer’ diminish, with PSV putting a deal, and the chance to make a ‘large transfer fee’, on hold for the time being.

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The Dutch side could have done something in the summer, and clubs like Bayern Munich and Leeds were keen on his signature too.

However, Madueke ‘opted for the security’ of staying in the Netherlands with PSV, extending his deal at the club until 2025 to put an end to any transfer rumours.

They continued regardless of that but have died down in recent months and, while some of that is to do with the financial situation in football, it’s mostly to do with Madueke himself.

He’s still highly rated, but a look at his numbers this season show he has been ‘less effective’ than he once was, and that’s obviously an issue.

Part of it is to do with opposing teams being aware of the youngster and working out ways to keep him quiet, something neither he nor PSV have managed to work around so far.

But it is also down to the player, who has consistently made poor choices in good positions or chosen ‘individualistic’ actions rather than the best ones available.

These are all signs that Madueke is ‘not ready for a step up’ as while he can be brilliant, he can also be ‘worthless’, and that is hard for a coach to work with.

It also makes it difficult for clubs to justify spending big, and so for now, a top transfer will have to wait. If he can sort his issues, Soccer News say a big move will only be a ‘matter of time’. Whether Leeds will be there again, remains to be seen.