This week, part of the Brazilian media was caught by surprise when it was reported that Chelsea are following a Sport Recife player.

It was claimed by ESPN that the Blues are about to place a €7.2m bid for fullback Pedro Lima, following initial contact with his agent.

That story led Blog do Torcedor to get in touch with Sport president Yuri Romão, who talked a little about the race for the 17-year-old.

The club chief admitted that Chelsea are among three English clubs who are interested in Pedro Lima, but also claimed that no bids arrived so far.

“It’s clear that English clubs have shown interest in him in recent days. However, I won’t really talk about it until an offer comes in,” said Yuri Romão.

“He’s our first-choice right-back. We need him to remain focussed and competitive in Serie B.”

Blog do Torcedor points out that the player has recently been linked to the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool and Juventus.

That’s definitely a lot for a youngster who’s been playing in the Brazilian second division, but the potential shown by him this year has indeed drawn some big attention from the media.

It’s said Lima is protected by a €12m release clause, and, needless to say, that amount is more than affordable for Chelsea and others.