As if a 3-1 loss to Chelsea, with two players facing lengthy bans for their actions in game, wasn’t enough, Manchester City’s week off the pitch wasn’t great either.

Recently returning to the squad, and impressing in the process, Yaya Touré was apparently caught drink driving by the Metropolitan Police on Saturday.

The player has previously claimed he doesn’t drink because of his religion, yet the police did confirm to the Express on Saturday that Yaya Touré is ‘due to appear before magistrates on a drink driving charge’.

As seem to be the case every time the Manchester City midfielder does something good or bad in England, Nord Sud Quotidien, relayed by L’Infodrome, got in touch with the Touré’s father, Mory Touré, to get an opinion on the matter.

He said: “It’s not true. I haven’t had him on the phone, so I can’t talk about it for now. What I do know is that my son doesn’t consume alcohol. It’s not true.”

Touré’s court date is set for the 13th of December, which is when we’ll probably learn more about this rather strange story.