James rodriguez Marca August 16thManchester United are once again linked with James Rodriguez by Tuesday’s edition of Marca.

As has happened several times this summer, the Madrid media have decided James is being pushed toward the exit, and once again Manchester United are one of the clubs picked as a possibility.

There’s several factors making Real Madrid edge toward a sale. The player’s attitude, his form, and others merging at the club have all combined to present the possibility of a sale.

The big problem is Real Madrid finding a buyer, especially given that Marca say they want to recoup €75m. That’s a little cheeky, given the concerns over James and whether he can again hit the highest heights again.

As it stands there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of genuine interest in the 25 year old, and surely the only way Manchester United make a move is if agent Jorge Mendes manages to convince Jose Mourinho and Edward Woodward.

It’s a long shot, because Manchester United aren’t really crying out for a player like James, and Mourinho surely wouldn’t be keen given the concerns about his attitude.