Georges Kevin N’Koudou should now be a Tottenham Hotspur player. At the end of last week we covered reports from France which explained N’Koudou was waiting in a hotel to sign for Spurs.

On Monday, French newspaper L’Equipe said that N’Koudou to Tottenham still looked like a goer, despite the delay. Marseille centric website Le Phocheen gave the transfer 4 green stars out of 4, meaning it was as good as official, they did the same for Clinton N’Jie going the other way.

There was hope N’Jie could be presented on Tuesday at Marseille open training, and yet instead he returned to training with Tottenham, with the club showing him on an official video. Maybe that was some sort of a hint that things are stalled.

And now Le Phocheen say that whilst both players have passed their medicals, and been waiting for 2 weeks, there are final blocks in negotiations.

That would fall into line with what Sport Witness was informed last week from France, that this wasn’t just a delay for no good reason. Tottenham weren’t pushing ahead for N’Koudou quite as strongly as before.

In England it’s Marseille getting the blame, and their complicated situation at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped other transfers happening at the French club.

No agents on either side appear to be wanting to leak information, or start a blame game, which would suggest things aren’t dead. This one looks like it’s balanced delicately.