With Newcastle United being linked to so many big stars for the past few days, let’s not forget about Santiago Muñoz, the Mexican youngster who joined the club’s academy this summer.

His arrival at the Premier League side continues to get a lot of attention in his home country, with him now giving another interview, this time to Youtube channel Zabalive.

The striker once again talked about the dream he’s been living by moving to England, and explained he’s aware of the wider community he represents by making such an early move in his career.

“It’s a pride to be able to fulfil this dream for me, for the people I bring, my family, my city, Mexico, all Latinos, where I’m from. So for me it is a pride and because I want to be an example for all young people who really want to fulfil their dreams and since dreams come true, I am an example of that,” Muñoz told Zabalive (via Infobae).

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It turns out Muñoz was actually born in Texas, and went to Mexico when still young, having started his career at Santos Laguna. That means he could choose between the two national teams, and already claims that he’s going for the Tri.

“It is a subject that I’ve talked about a lot, for me it’s a pride to be able to be considered by the two teams, for my family as well. I have the possibility of that, from the moment my professional career began, I had the option of going to the United States, but I decided for Mexico because I definitely feel more Mexican.”

Muñoz recently claimed he’s still working on his shape to play for Newcastle’s U23 squad, and will keep waiting for his first chances to feature for the first team. He’s loaned by Santos Laguna until December 2022, with the Magpies having a buying option over him.