Earlier this week we covered a report from Belgium which stated Liverpool have ‘renewed interest’ in Jérémy Doku.

The Reds tried to sign the player in 2018, even inviting him over to England. Ultimately, he decided to stay with Anderlecht, and it would appear Jurgen Klopp’s recruit team have continued to follow his progress.

Het Nieuwsblad explained Liverpool’s desire would be to sign Doku and loan him back to Anderlecht for a season. That would cost ‘tens of millions’, which would be a huge investment considering the 18 year old wouldn’t be available for the current campaign.

Now a full Belgium international, Doku’s price has understandably gone through the roof, making things difficult for the Premier League club. It would have been much easier if he’d taken the Reds option in 2018, although given his progress since it’s hard to argue he made the wrong decision.

In a weekend interview with De Zondag, Doku was asked to name the most difficult moment of his career so far, and explained: “That was when I was fifteen and I had to choose between staying with Anderlecht or going to Liverpool.”

Asked if it’s true that Romelu Lukaku giving him advice to stay at Anderlecht was the crucial factor, Doku said: “No. He advised me to stay, but from the beginning my goal was to stay. At least if Anderlecht was willing to make an effort, which they eventually did. My parents and my manager know this very well. My father wanted me to go to Liverpool and my mother too, but I said, “No, I want to stay”. For me that was the best path and it has always been in my head. I did listen to Romelu’s advice, but I make decisions about my future myself.”

Unfortunately, De Zondag didn’t ask the youngster how he’d feel about a future move to Liverpool.