When Harry Kane left Tottenham Hotspur for Bayern Munich, it seemed obvious that was an easy way for him to win a major title, as the Bavarian side had been lifting the Bundesliga trophy for the prior 11 seasons.

That didn’t work out well for him in his first year so far, as Bayer Leverkusen ended up finishing on top of the table, but there’s now the Champions League as another chance for a big achievement.

Following Bayern Munich’s match against Arsenal on Wednesday evening, Kane was interviewed by Brazilian outlet TNT Sports. The former Tottenham star was asked about his hunt for a title, and rather than roll his eyes at being asked about it once again, he gave his shared how he feels about it all.

“I think the only one I have to prove anything to is to myself, you know. I always talk about improving and trying to get better day in, day out. Winning is a consequence of doing all the right things and preparing and doing all the stuff that people don’t see.

“Of course, you know, I know it’s been difficult not to have a trophy yet in my career. But I also know I’ve got plenty of years to go and, you know, I’m here at Bayern Munich to try and achieve that. We have a an opportunity now in the Champions League to do something special. So that’s where my motivation is and and that’s what I’ll continue to do.”

After knocking out Arsenal in the quarter-finals, which certainly will have had a special taste for Kane, Bayern Munich are now set to play Real Madrid in the semifinals. The first game will be played in Germany and the decisive match will take place at the Santiago Bernabéu.

That could put the striker in a final against Paris Saint Germain or Borussia Dortmund, and a lot of Tottenham fans would surely be supporting him in that case.