We’re so accustomed to English fans being covered negatively when travelling to Europe to follow their teams, that when news of good behaviour comes along, we’re pretty pleased to see it. So, step forward Aston Villa’s travelling faithful.

La Voix Du Nord cover them today and how they’ve been on their best behaviour ahead of this evening’s clash with Lille.

The newspaper reports that the Aston Villa faithful have been superb visitors so far, even setting up a little English village in the city made of beer, songs and scarves from the club.

This ‘little British hive’ at the Place du Théâtre in Lille has proven to be very popular, with scarves and flags hung all around and all of the English fans seemingly electing to meet in the locale.

This has all been taken in good spirit, with one café owner laughing that they simply exited the train station and headed to the first place they saw.

Such is the good atmosphere among everyone an impromptu football match even kicked off, pitting Aston Villa fans against each other before the police intervened and blew the final whistle on proceedings.

This naturally didn’t go down well and they ‘copiously chastised him’ but it was never mean, and everything remained positive.

It’s all good fun and it seems everyone is having a great time, which is nice to see and makes a big change from the usual coverage.