Earlier this month, we covered an interview Matilda Vinberg had with Sportbladet in Sweden about her recent transfer to Tottenham to play for Spurs Women.

She revealed it was very hard for her to make the move to England as she was leaving a lot behind in her home country, including her family, but the prospect of playing on these shores was too good to turn down.

What will have also helped was the increase in wages that came with the transfer, as the contract offered by Tottenham will have been a significant increase on what she was earning at Hammarby, which she hinted at in a chat with the local media, relayed by SVT.

The outlet managed to have a chat with the 20-year-old, who explained a lot of her early days at her new club have been about adapting to her new surroundings.

She said: “It has been a big change and a big step to move away from home, change countries and create a completely new environment. It is special, but it has also been very exciting and educational.”

However, the knowledge of Amanda Nildén also being at Tottenham, as well as the manager Robert Vilahamn, has helped.

Vinberg added: “It felt like a security to have someone Swedish in a team that you come into. I didn’t know any of the players when I first arrived so having him was very nice. Especially now the first time with many practical things to take care of.

“He has a great understanding of that and he is very aware that it takes some time and that there is no stress.”

On top of that, there is the new contract, explaining it was a nice surprise when she saw the figures on paper.

She said: “There was a lot of work last winter to get a good contract and it was mostly my agent who took that part. She arranged a good contract. I wasn’t familiar with it. I just went with the flow and thought that maybe it is a good contract, and then she said that it is a damn good contract (laughs).”