Newcastle United icon Norberto Solano has revealed he’s spoken to the club about a potential return in a coaching capacity at some point.

The former winger has been speaking to El Comercio in Peru about his current career path as he looks to make his way in the coaching side of the game.

Solano enjoyed a wide-ranging career after first breaking through at Sport Cristal, playing for the likes of Boca Juniors, Newcastle, Aston Villa, West Ham, AE Larisa, Universitario, Leicester, Hull and Hartlepool before retiring in July 2012.

The greatest period of his career was undoubtedly at Newcastle, managing 48 goals and 78 assists in 315 games for the club in a 16-year-spell.

He’s still well thought of at St James Park, so much so that he was recently inducted into the club’s Hall of Fame, a moment of pride for the former winger, who has already admitted as much on several occasions.

It seems, though, his return to Newcastle may not be limited to being immortalised, though, as he’s revealed talks have already been held about returning as a coach.

“I am open to wherever I can be given the opportunity,” he said.

“Being a coach is not easy. Yes, I have spoken with the club, my former teammate Steve Harper is the Academy Manager there.

“Maybe until what I’m looking for happens, I can work there. But for now, we have to wait.”