Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola will this week be handed the Feliu Matamala award for ‘defending Catalan culture’.

That’s according to Estadio Deportivo, who say the Manchester City boss is set to be honoured by the people of his region with a brand new ‘prestigious award’.

The newspaper explains that the Feliu Matamala Prize has recently been created and will be awarded by the Fundació Voltes de Girona in recognition of those who ‘defend and promote’ Catalan culture and language.

The ‘prestigious award’ is set to be presented on Wednesday, when the famous Les Voltes bookstore turns 60-years-old.

The Manchester City manager has been selected as the recipient of the new award for his ‘constant demonstration of love’ for his homeland.

The foundation created by the bookstore, the aforementioned Fundació Voltes de Girona, are keen to highlight Guardiola’s contribution not only when it comes to sporting matters but also his commitment to Catalan culture and identity.

The award ceremony will take place at the Municipal Theater of Girona, with notable and prominent political figures including former Catalan presidents Jordi Pujol, José Montilla and Quim Torra all set to be in attendance.

The event will also be broadcast live on YouTube to ensure that ‘the recognition of Pep Guardiola’ and his commitment to Catalan culture ‘reaches a global audience’.