It’s all getting pretty intense in Italy regarding the future of Gonzalo Higuain, especially as the now crucial 25th of July is drawing near.

The date happens to be the day the Argentinean striker is expected back at Napoli to join up with the rest of the team for preseason, but it’s looking less and less likely that the Serie A topscorer will show up.

Gazzetta already reported last week they didn’t expect him to do so, and now Calciomercato are reporting a very interesting story that will put fear in Napoli fans’ hearts and fill that of Arsenal supporters with hope.

According to the Italian website, Napoli, probably on Aurelio de Laurentiis’ command, have been trying to get in touch with Gonzalo Higuain by calling him, but the player is seemingly refusing to pick up.

This has happened more than once, and although his brother and agent is picking up his phone, it’s being reported the club want to speak to Gonzalo, and only Gonzalo.

As Calciomercato put it, this silence is worrying for the Serie A side, as an unhappy Higuain isn’t good for business and would be the start of an ugly battle between player and club regarding a potential transfer.

The 25th of July is becoming more and more crucial, and it’ll be interesting to see if more on this surfaces in the coming days.