Joshua Zirkzee (number 9, pictured above), is a name which may be searched on YouTube a lot throughout this week, as claims drip from the Netherlands that he could be an Arsenal player soon.

SoccerNews report the 16 year old, who is currently a Feyenoord player, looks like he’s going to Arsenal rather than Ajax.

The player’s representatives have been in talks with Ajax recently, but have failed to come to an agreement, leading to the belief he’s moving to Arsenal.

‘The Amsterdammers are trumped by the Gunners’ say SoccerNews.

They’ve got some of their information from Feyenoord website FR12, and whilst FR12 started their article on Monday by saying Feyenoord are keen to get a renewal, they’ve added an update on Tuesday which states: ‘His future seems to lie in England.’

Other Feyenoord websites are reporting similar, and there’s a growing Dutch resignation that Zirkzee is off to Arsenal.

That could be assumption fuelled by the general depression around Dutch football that the struggle to keep young talents gets harder. But there’s obviously a reason Arsenal have been dragged in, and, assumption or cold hard fact, it’s reported that Zirkzee is close to the move.