When Jan Vertonghen’s current contract with Tottenham expires he’ll be 33 years of age, and it’s quite possible his next contract will be his last.

A return to Ajax has long been a topic in the Dutch media, and the Spurs defender is asked about it nearly every time he speaks to the Dutch media.

He’s not the only one quizzed, Daley Blind, who returned to Ajax from Manchester United, was encouraged to comment on the possibility in October, saying: “You naturally think of Suarez, Alderweireld, Vertonghen or Eriksen. I think the Tottenham boys are almost approaching the end of their contract.

“One of those three would certainly be an asset. I have spoken to Jan Vertonghen in the past year about what he thinks about it. It is up to him how he deals with it.”

AD journalist Freek Jansen, who specialises in Ajax, talked about the possibility on the newspaper’s latest podcast. Dutch website report Jansen said the chances of a ‘Yes’ from the player are greater than a ‘No’, insinuating he has some information from the player’s camp.

The contract situation means it could be a case of ‘now or never’ for Vertonghen and an Ajax return.

A lot will depend on how Jose Mourinho uses the player for the rest of the season.