A few days ago, it was reported in Portugal that Paulinho was set to swap Braga for Wolves, and that could see Raul Jimenez’s exit.

The latter part of the claim felt like an assumption, whereas the Paulinho story seemed to be far more concrete. Wolves were set to pay the striker’s €30m buyout clause and that would be that.

Then it went relatively quiet, and it appears Braga were misled on just what the Premier League club were willing to pay. After claims of the €30m not being a problem, it’s now being explained that Wolves are trying to get the figure down and Braga are resisting.

Record report the Portuguese club are sticking to the €30m figure and demanding that’s paid, but they’re also looking at options to replace Paulinho, so the chance of a transfer remains.

Wolves can potentially get the figure down by adding bonuses which would see the headline amount reach €30m, and allow Braga to tell their fans they stuck to their guns over the asking price.

Record states Wolves are currently ‘working’ to get the transfer over the line.