Friday’s edition of Portuguese newspaper A Bola claims West Brom are the first club to do something concrete with their interest in Adrien Silva.

This completely ignores previous claims from the same newspaper that Tottenham and others have made approaches, but A Bola say West Brom are the first with an offer.

Tony Pulis’ side have put forward a bid of £23m, which A Bola correctly point out converts to just under €26m. That offer isn’t enough for Adrien’s current club Sporting, who are looking for €30m, however, it’s believed further talks could see a compromise being made with the gap being ‘only’ €4m.

Adrien has a buyout clause of €45m, but it’s accepted that no club is going to go so high for the midfielder.

A Bola believe West Brom will also have to offer a little more in wages, with Adrien wanting €3m a year, and West Brom offering €2.5m.

West Brom fans are well used to claims from the Portuguese press, having been linked to William Carvalho for many months.

Whether anything comes of this latest claim remains to be seen.